Payment & Shipping


Eh! Why does the shop not offer shipping abroad?

Orders for overseas can be requested anytime by contacting:

We are working on making this feature more accessible. The “administrative summit” is not quite crested, just yet.

Jewellery is dispatched across Switzerland & the Principality of Liechtenstein by

A Mail Plus. Fair enough. And what exactly is A Mail Plus?

Why, good you’re asking! A Mail Plus offers the following advantages:

  • Delivery across Switzerland within a working day (including Saturdays)

  • Electronic shipment tracking (In case you can’t wait for your jewellery to arrive)

  • Direct delivery into your postbox or P.O. Box – no signature needed (For late risers and wayfarers)

  • The post office is liable in case of loss, damage or delivery errors of the parcel up to CHF 100.- (Insurance applies to parcels lost in logistics lunacy or rough mail carriers devoid of delicacy)

The delivery of leatherware across Switzerland & and the Principality of Liechtenstein is effected by PostPac Economy.

The parcel arrives within 3-5 working days.

How long does it actually take, then?

The maximum delivery time amounts to 3-5 working days.


Everything looked a bit different online… What shall I do now?

  • Replacement is always possible in case the articles are not to your liking.

  • Returns do not have to be justified.

  • The return has to be effected on the 14th day after receipt, the latest (post stamp).

  • Please return the articles inside the received packaging – that was, the articles are ideally protected in transit.

  • A revocation or reimbursement for bought gift cards is not possible.

  • Unfortunately, sale goods cannot be revoked or reimbursed, either.

  • Returns to the following address, please:

            Boutique Gélatine

            Mia Brunner

            Spalenberg 40a

            CH-4051 Basel

  • Return fees will not be absorbed and have to be incurred by the purchaser.

  • We recommend delivering the parcel by A Mail Plus to ensure shipment tracking as well as loss and damage insurance by the post office.

  • In case of return packet loss, we cannot refund the costs, which is why we recommend delivery by A Mail Plus.

  • We examine each returned article favourably. Although, a retraction is rejected if:

    • Traces of use are visible

    • The product has been damaged in transit or otherwise

    • Traces of improper handling are present

    • Intrusion through the purchaser or third parties exists

    • We are prevented from doing so by higher powers (natural disasters, wars, Biblical Plagues…)

And how do I receive my refund after having successfully returned the articles?

We refund your money fully immediately upon receipt and examination of your returns. The refund is transferred back to the same account used for the purchasing of the articles.

How cheeky! I have sent back the articles but not received the due refund. What now?

Please contact us immediately via

Together, we shall certainly clear up the mystery!

A misdelivery has occurred or the article shows defects?

We are truly sorry about that! In case the article has quality defects or wasn’t even ordered by you, we will gladly reimburse you fully and absorb the return fees. The initial shipping fee will also be refunded to you.


Replacement & Returns

Where can I receive consulting for a product?

We will most gladly counsel you in our Boutique at the Spalenberg in Basel or via email:


Is the online assortment identical to the one in the Boutique?

Yes, and no. All of the online products are also to be found in the Boutique Gélatine. However, compared to the online shop, you will find an even broader range of jewellery in the Boutique.


Why is there usually just one piece per article available in the online shop?

As our assortment consists of highly exclusive pieces of jewellery, we often keep but a single piece. That way we can ensure that our assortment exhibits the broadest range possible.


Why aren’t some of the items from the Boutique available for online purchase?

We are a small business and keep a wide range of jewellery and accessories. It is therefore not possible for us to inventory our complete assortment online. Do come around and visit us at the Boutique Gélatine – indulge in our entire range, benefit from a competent consulting and most importantly, we can get to know each other.


Can I also order via email or by phone?

Sure, the placing of orders via email or by phone is possible upon prepayment.


Did my order land safe and sound on your desk?

As soon as your order is successfully completed, you will receive an email with the order confirmation.


Can I still change my order after having placed it?

Usually it is not possible to alter a successfully placed order. In urgent and exceptional cases, please contact us via


Can I redeem a gift card from the Boutique Gélatine online as well?

*Squirming in embarrassment* Not just yet. We are working on it, though.


How does the payment work in your online shop?

During the last step of placing your order, you can review the grand total. Don’t be afraid – we never fumble. Afterwards, you can choose the preferred payment method and enter the necessary information. You are then asked to confirm that you agree with the Terms & Conditions. Having successfully placed your order, you will receive an email with the order confirmation. Following this, we will send you the respective shipment tracking number.


Which payment methods do you offer?

Placing an order in our online shop, you can choose between PayPal and one of the following credit cards:

•   Visa

•   Mastercard

•   American Express

•   Diners


Paying via Twint is currently not possible. This option is still in the works.


What does my invoice entail?

The invoice consists of the price of the individual article(s) (incl. VAT) and the shipping fee. Eventual discounts are being subtracted.


What does the shipping fee consist of?

Our articles are all shipped by the Swiss Post.

•   A Mail Plus shipping costs CHF 2.40

•   Deliveries by PostPac Economy cost CHF 5.50


Do the listed prices include the VAT?

No unpleasant surprises here: Already included in all of our prices is the 7.7% VAT.


Can I also purchase an article using a Boutique Gélatine gift card?

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. We are working on it to make this feature available as soon as possible.

With the placing of the order, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.


Since we sell especially single items, due to our exclusive assortment, it can occur that an article purchased online has already been sold out. Naturally, we will in such case fully refund the amount paid.


I still have a question ...

If you still have any questions, we'll be happy to help you: